When you buy a box of cookies,
you help our troop in many ways!

We learn many skills while selling cookies.  We gain confidence in our abilities, learn valuable people skills, learn about setting goals, managing money, and making decisions.

After the sale is over, our troop uses our profits to do fun things and to help our community.

Last year, we earned our Bronze Award by making fifty “Birthday in a Bag” kits to give to a local food pantry.

What’s a “Birthday in a Bag”?  

It’s a gift bag packed with everything a family needs for a birthday party: cake mix, frosting, candles, party napkins and plates, balloons, party hat, a small toy, and even a baking pan!  
Our kits also contained one can of club soda.
Most cake mixes call for eggs and oil but families who rely on food pantries may not have those on hand.  If you use a can of soda instead, the cake still bakes up just fine!
The project wasn’t as easy as it sounds, each member of the troop put in quite a few hours of work on the project, helping to plan it, spreading the word about what we needed, buying all of the supplies, and assembling the final bags.  It was a lot of work!

This year we are starting on our Silver Award. We may do one large project that we all work on or we may split into teams to work on several projects.  No matter what, what we do will make a difference in our community.

Before we know it, we’ll be ready to tackle our Gold Award.  Did you know that the Girl Scout Gold Award is comparable to the Boy Scout Eagle Award? I wonder what ways we’ll find to help our community then!

No matter what projects we choose in the coming years, they will all help make a difference to the people in our community.  And when you help us by buying a box of cookies, you are helping us to make that difference.

We couldn’t do it without you!
Thank You!